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Security Services in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa
On-Site Security & Investigations LLC

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Security Gate Sentries

Having gate sentries posted at your construction site will help you to control who is coming and going from your property. It is an excellent venue for an accountability check which can keep track of your sub-contractors, vendors, visitors and quest. Remember, knowledge is power, so use it to your advantage.

Roving Patrol Officers

Having a roving patrol officer at your job site will help you to keep track of your building supplies & equipment. The security patrolman can physically check key locations of primary importance and verify that these areas are locked & secured. All equipment containers can be  properly maintained against  theft and vandalism. This is asset protection and it can save you thousands of dollars.

Armed Night Watchmen

Having a Night Watchman stationed at your job site is a key essential must in safeguarding your construction project.

A night watchman can be a visual deterrent to any criminal activity and can physically challenge any potential trespasser in order to keep them off your property. A night watchman can also spot safety concerns and alert the Police & Fire Department to any potential emergencies.  



On-Site Patrol Services LLC, specializes in providing private security protection to commercial building contractors. We can post a uniformed security guard on location at your next construction project.

Our security guards will monitor all entrance and exit gates in order to keep track of all personnel working on your job site. Visitors, vendors and sub-contractors will be logged in and out using the latest digital pass and identification database, via a  hand held computer system.

Once your work crews go home at the end of the day, our security guards will keep your job site safe from any unauthorized people entering your property. Our security guards will conduct fence line security checks, and make sure your job site is not compromised by would be intruders. We will also conduct nightly inspections of your storage containers, tool bins, heavy equipment and all of your building materials on a contentious basis.

We will provide you with the peace of mind every construction superintendent deserves






Security Cameras & Alarms




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To apply for a job with On-Site Patrol Services LLC, please send a cover letter together with a copy of your TPSB guard license to H.R. Department.





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